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Feeling completely connected to your vehicle gives you the confidence to move forward. From linked and streaming media, to safety features that make everyday life that much easier, Subaru knows what drivers want. With Subaru's STARLINK available in-vehicle technology package, safety, advanced tech integration, and convenience all come together perfectly for your commute. See what STARLINK can do for you.


Protected By Technology


STARLINK Safety and Security keeps you informed and safe whether you're driving, a passenger, or not even in your vehicle. After an accident, the available Automatic Collision Notification and Enhanced Roadside Assistance are crucial to getting assistance right away. If your vehicle is stolen the Stolen Vehicle Recovery makes it that much easier to track it down and get it back home safely to you.


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Control Your Soundtrack


On your daily commute or a long road trip, you want to have the perfect tunes, podcast, and hands-free access to your media features. STARLINK Multimedia makes integration easy. In addition to total control over your listening experience, STARLINK also makes it possible to control your navigation with a simple voice command.


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Mobile Connection


Take your service with you with the available built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. Laptops, tablets, and phones can all connect for seamless streaming even when on the go. With the MySubaru app and Subaru STARLINK app, your mobile device can help you keep track of your vehicle, operate lights and locks, and access a wide range of cloud-based apps to keep the good times rolling.


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Having an added layer of protection around you and your family is a serious benefit for everyone involved. With mobile connectivity, you can stay informed about your vehicle even when you're not near it, and you can also play whatever music you want while you're travelling from point A to B. To find out more information about Subaru STARLINK, stop in or call us at Bennington Subaru today!

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