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Comfort, capability, and reliability are all words used to describe the 2019 Subaru Legacy. By incorporating the latest technology, the Legacy is safer and has better handling than ever before. When you get behind the wheel of this vehicle for a test drive, we're sure you'll want to drive it all of the way home.


Power & Handling


The 2019 Legacy brings the strength and capability to adapt to nearly any challenge on the road. The SUBARU BOXER engine is especially designed with side-to-side pistons to cancel out it's own vibration, for a smooth, yet powerful, ride. When combined with the advanced suspension and Active Torque Vectoring, your ride will have more control than ever before.

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Complete Access


The all-new Legacy incorporates several advanced technologies to make your driving experience even more fun and accessible. With your key in your pocket, you can unlock your door with just the touch of your hand, and start your car with the push of a button. You can also have your seat save your custom seating preferences so that whenever you get into the Legacy, it feels like it was made just for you.


Complete Safety Features


Utilizing advanced technologies like Pre-Collision Braking and Blind-Spot Detection, it's almost like having another set of eyes looking out for you on the road. Utilizing a series of sensors and cameras around the vehicle, your Legacy can alert you to dangers and hazards before you might even be aware of them. This is just one more way that Subaru is working to keep you safe.

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