Stay Safe with All-Wheel Drive

Shopping for a new car can be confusing with all the new available features, trims to choose from, and powertrain options. For those who live in snowy Vermont, it’s important to remember that maintaining traction on your commute to work throughout the winter is a necessity. Front-wheel drive powertrains only deliver power to two wheels at a time, where all-wheel drive systems delivers power from the engine to all four tires simultaneously. If one or two tires slip, your all-wheel drive system will keep you going with the other two tires maintaining traction.

While many brands from Ford to Chevrolet offer their vehicles standard in front-wheel drive with all-wheel drive available at a higher price tag, Subaru offers most of their major models standard in all-wheel drive, from their SUVs such as the Subaru Crosstrek, Ascent, Forester, and Outback, to their sedans such as the Legacy and Impreza. Keep your family safe with the benefits of all-wheel drive.

Ideal Traction 

All-wheel drive systems offer more traction during inclement weather than front-wheel drive systems. As front-wheel drive relies on only two tires receiving power from the engine to propel the vehicle, all-wheel drive distributes power to all four tires. If one or both tires experience slippage on a front-wheel drive vehicle, you are more likely to lose the ability to continue driving as it’s stuck in snow, or may find yourself losing control of your vehicle on wet and slippery roads. All-wheel drive systems help you maintain traction and control of your vehicle while driving during inclement weather with all four tires propelling the vehicle forward. If you lose traction with two tires, you still have two more to keep you going and keep you and your family safe until you arrive at your destination.

Resale Value

Whether your family is growing and you need a bigger vehicle or you’re ready to upgrade with more features, when it comes time to resell your car and buy another, having an all-wheel drive vehicle will help you see more money back for it. Because all-wheel drive vehicles are more capable, they maintain their worth more than their front-wheel drive counterparts. In fact models such as the Subaru Forester and Crosstrek have been recognized for maintaining the highest residual values in their class.

In need of a new vehicle this winter? Stop by Bennington Subaru, your trusted Vermont Subaru dealer, and we’ll help you find just what you’re looking for!

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