Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) has been producing vehicles for 30 years as of late September. This milestone is impressive on its own, but combined with three decades of high-quality work, the plant also just completed production of its 6 millionth vehicle. We’ve previously pointed out how this has been a time of great milestones for Subaru, and this just keeps that trend rolling!

When SIA hit both of these landmark occasions so close together, it really put into focus the great work the plant has been doing for so long. 

“Achieving both milestones within a week of each other is both exciting and humbling”, said Scott Brand, senior vice president at SIA, who is one of 160 employees that has achieved at least 30 years of service at the assembly plant. “Thanks to our dedicated associates, we have come a long way in the last three decades.”

When the plant first opened, it only produced 67,000 vehicles per year. Now, the annual output is almost 390,000. That’s saying something considering it used to produce Subaru, Isuzu, Honda, and Toyota vehicles as well. Since 2016 however, the plant has been exclusive to Subaru production. 

As the only manufacturing location for Subaru outside of Asia, SIA puts out many different models for the United States market. The Ascent, Impreza, Legacy, and Outback are all produced here. Most recently, the location started work on the 2020 Legacy and 2020 Outback in July.

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