Subaru Scores 100% For The Third Year In A Row For CEI

Forward thinking and developing a workplace to embrace diversity is a trait that all business should strive for. For the third year in a row, Subaru of America, Inc. has received a perfect 100% score for the 2019 Corporate Equality Index (CEI). This survey and report is considered the standard to which businesses should hold themselves to in regards to LGBTQ workplace equality.

The survey, which is conducted by the Human Rights Campaign, evaluates business practices and policies and how they impact employees and their families in relation to equality. These policies include non-discrimination workplace protections, transgender-inclusive healthcare benefits, competency programs, and so much more. The CEI’s rating provides a quick view about the kind of workplace being evaluated. The 100% ranking for Subaru clearly puts it into the category as a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality.

“At Subaru, we are proud of our efforts to ensure equal treatment and opportunities for all of our employees,” said Peggy Verdi, Vice President of Human Resources and Administration, Subaru of America, Inc. “We believe strongly in a workplace that fosters diversity and inclusion in each facet of corporate life and are honored that our work in this arena has earned us recognition from the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) for the third year in a row.”

This inclusive atmosphere and company environment is supported by five employee resource groups (ERGs). The first ERG to be established was Out+Ally. The goal of this group was to create a network of LGBTQ+ employees and straight allies for a supportive atmosphere.

“One of the core goals of the Out+Ally ERG is to foster a work environment where LGBTQ+ individuals feel comfortable bringing their whole authentic self to work,” said Joseph Pawlicki, co-founder of Out+Ally. “Subaru’s achievement of this perfect score creates a strong platform for us to deliver on this goal and continue our efforts for an even greater work culture.”

Even with the 100% rating, Subaru knows that there is always more than can be done. Keep an eye out for more efforts from Subaru of America, Inc. to further adapt and employ equality for all employees in the future.

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