What are the Bennington Subaru Vehicle Health Reports?

Our vehicle health reports are free of charge and provided with every vehicle service appointment. We've been doing them for some time now and have received great customer feedback. Some customers have been a bit speculative - wondering what we're trying to sell them on but, that's not how we work. These are simply For Your Information and to help you plan accordingly. 

What is included in these Health Reports and why are they important?

The current cash value of your vehicle. This is not a sales gimmick, it is important financial planning information. By understanding the age and current cash value of your vehicle you can better plan your next car purchase. Each person has a "sweet spot" in ownership - some people like cars with less than 40,000 miles, some only buy the 40k to 80k mileage cars, while others may only buy a car that has more than 80k miles. Understanding how long you like to own your cars, how many miles you like to have on them, and knowing when the best time to trade it in will be helps you make important financial decisions. Your time is a BIG Deal to us, and to help you save more of that precious time we'll keep you informed by providing this info to you at each service appointment. So, roughly 2-4 times a year, you'll get this info without having to look it up!

Our Multi-Point Inspection will give you an indication of your vehicles overall health. Just like with the info above, we don't want you to be caught by surprise by repairs. Whether you are coming in for a tire change over or a quick oil change, we'll take the time to look your car over to make sure you know about any current issues or upcoming service needs that you may want to plan for. Again, this is not a ploy to get you to spend more with us. Whether you choose to have your vehicle fixed by us or someone else, is up to you, our goal is simply to keep you informed. On your on your Vehicle Health Report we'll show you the health of these following items:
  • Tire wear - Front & rear 
  • Drive shaft joint boots 
  • Strut check 
  • Brake check - Front & rear 
  • Brake hydraulic system 
  • Emergency brake adjustment 
  • Clutch adjustment if necessary 
  • Clutch hydraulic system check 
  • Muffler and exhaust check 
  • Engine & transmission oil 
  • Drive belt adjustment 
  • Condition of radiator & coolant
  • Condition of radiator hoses 
  • Condition of heater hoses
  • Condition of battery and cables
  • Condition of spark plugs and wires
  • Condition of air and fuel filters
  • Condition of wiper blades 
  • Headlight operation check 
  • Stop, tail, turn signal light check 
  • Heater & AC operation 
  • Restraint system 
  • Other safety checks that may vary from one model to the next
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  • Saturday 8AM - 1PM
  • Sunday Closed